Happy soaking & listening!
Happy soaking & listening!
For making your hot tub relaxation experience even more enjoyable.JNJ SPAS offers a Ipod locker to be hooked up and integrated into the spa cabinet with a waterproof remote, it comes equipped with a CD player and AM/FM radio. It is convenient for you to control the Ipod while you are enjoying your hot tub. It's time for an update your hot tub music system. Choosing JNJ hot tub with an Ipod.
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Welcome to Guangzhou J&J Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.
JNJ SPAS was established in 2000, is a professional sanitary ware manufacturer specializing in Hot tub, Swim spa, Massage bathtub, Gazebo, Infrared sauna room and so on. The company carries out the standard of international quality system ISO9001:2008 and the CE , TUV , ETL and KC products quality management request strictly. With scientific management and furnish quality products, consummate after-sale service and technical support.
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Step 1 Open the exterior door, step into the walk-in bathtub area, close the exterior door well, and then release water from jacuzz area into the walk-in bathtub, make the two areas at the same water level..
Step 2 Open the interior door slightly, move into the jacuzzi area, close the interior door, press button to pump the water automatically from walk-in tub area into the jacuzzi area, and then enjoy hydromassage..
Step 3 After enjoying hydromassage, release the water from jacuzzi area into the walk-in tub, make the two areas at the same water level, and then open the interior door, move out to the walk-in bathtub area, close the interior door.
Step 4 . Press button to pump the water automatically from walk-in tub area into jacuzzi area,
Open the exterior door, and then step out of hot tub
The butterfly spa includes light-therapy, a round fiber lights and 12 pieces of air jets with lights build a new concept of therapy lighting, enhance more healthy relaxation and your fashion lifestyle. At simultaneously, water flower is another funny unit in the spa, when active like a mushroom be decorated with multicolor, reveals nifty mood. On surface of butterfly spa, 5 stars?shape diverter valves and air control valves which are shining from sides, makes mystery and romantic at night.
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To bring real swimming experience, JNJ SPA designs a unique swim spa collect entertainment, health and relaxation in one. The ultimate JNJ SPAS' swimming spa is hybrid a fitness and hydrotherapy, is an amazing aquatic exercise swimming pool, a virtual underwater gym that provides an amazing amount of hydrotherapy exercises. You can also use the swim spa to walk, jog, run, stretch, row and more. All the acrylic shell material used for JNJ SPAS swimming pool and spa are imported from the Aristech Acrylics LLC from the USA. Invite your friends and family over for a party or just relax on your own with this amazing swim spa. Providing you all the benefits of a swimming pool and hot tub in one, the swim spa is quickly becoming the number one spa purchase choice. Buy your Swim Spa now and have fun!
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