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TUV Mark certificate Quality

The TUV Mark for products displays the pictogram “S” combined with the statements “Safety tested” and “Production monitored,” meaning that:
· The product has passed a comprehensive testing procedure
· The production plant is regularly monitored

Unique: Specific product features
Highlighting specific product attributes is an important means for product differentiation in competitive markets. Unique among product certification marks, the TUV Mark offers the combination of the statements “Safety tested” as well as “Production monitored” in connection with an additional individual product feature.(Each statement must be verified through appropriate testing by TUV.)

Advantages of the TUV Mark
· The TUV Mark combines one or more product statements.
· Monitoring of the production plant is clearly visible.
· The TUV Mark for products has unlimited validity.
· Your individual mark clearly illustrates product quality when placed on product related marketing material.
· A specific product feature can be illustrated in the TUV Mark provided it has been approved by TUV.

How to achieve the TUV-Mark for products?
The product must be tested completely, and the production facility must be regularly monitored by TUV, by one of our partners or by a recognized Notified Body.

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