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High and New Technology Enterprise is to point to by science and technology or science development in the field of new invention, or similar operations in the field of original innovation. On the basis of defining the scope of high-tech industry, to define the problem of the concept of High and New Technology Enterprise can be refer to《The management approach of recognition of hi-tech enterprises》in 2008. Therefore, in our country, a High and New Technology Enterprise generally refers to the state promulgated the《The High-Tech Fields of National Key Support》within the scope of ongoing research and development and technical achievements transformation, forming enterprise core independent intellectual property rights, and on this basis to carry out the business activities of resident enterprise, shall be an intellect-intensive and technology-intensive economic entity.

The Enterprise Research and Development Organization refers to the independent or non-independent technical innovation organization carrier which has independent research and development capability within the area. The Enterprise Research and Development Organization is the foundation platform of enterprise technology innovation, and it is the backbone force to comprehensively improve the ability of independent innovation. In order to give full play to the main role of enterprises in technological innovation, it reflects the guidance of the government and encourages enterprises to establish and improve independent research and development institutions such as “The Enterprise Research and Development Organization”. We will improve the technological innovation capacity of enterprises, advance the cooperation in the scientific and technological cooperation, and provide technical support for the upgrading of enterprise products and scale production, and strengthen the r&d and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

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