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SPA-8318 Elegante series 1-9 person


JNJSPAS launches a new swim spa of Elegant series recently. At first glance, you will be attracted by its gorgeousness. It is a square swim spa which is more easier to install in-ground. Outside the swim spa, equipped with four black and shine marble corners and romantic cabinet LED lights. For this dual-zone swim spa with separated control system, the size (5900 x 2280 x 1480 mm) and power is large enough for massage and swimming. Spa area has 5 therapy seats installed with big and comfortable jets, including one full-body lounge. One of the most distinguishing features is the 2 meter changeable colors waterfall below the artificial marble. In the swimming zone, 3 spacious seats can make your back relax after you swimming. In a word, no matter on the design or function, it is superb and good value for money..


Standard Features    


  1. Temperature: 15℃~40℃

  2. Water Capacity: 280 gal

  3. Steel frame: 1PC

  4. Head rest: 5PCS

  5. Hydro therapy jets: Total Jets21 
    3.5″Rotary hydro therapy jets 2 pc 
    4.5″point-blank hydro therapy jets 7pc 
    4.5″Rotary hydro therapy jets 9 pc 
    5″Rotary hydro therapy jets 2 pc 
    5″point-blank hydro therapy jets 1pc

  6. Marble Waterfall: 1PC(Seven kinds of color)

  7. Waterfall valve: 1PC

  8. LED light: 1PC(Seven kinds of color)

  9. Fiber optic light: 16PCS(Seven kinds of color)

  10. Drain valve: 1PC

  11. Intake valve: 4PCS

  12. Hydro massage pump 2HP: 2PCS

  13. Circulation pump 0.35HP: 1PC

  14. Ozonator: 1PC

  15. Heater 3KW: 1PC

  16. Cartridge Filter: 1PC

  17. Control(balboa): 1PC



  1. Temperature: 15℃~35℃

  2. Water Capacity: 1531 gal

  3. Steel frame: 1PC

  4. Swim jets 9.5″: 3PCS(one pump one jets)

  5. Hydro therapy jets: Total Jets 10 
    3.5″point-blank hydro therapy jets 2pc 
    3.5″Rotary hydro therapy jets 4 pc 
    4.5″point-blank hydro therapy jets 3pc 
    4.5″Rotary hydro therapy jets 1 pc

  6. LED light: 1PC(Seven kinds of color)

  7. Fiber optic light: 37PCS(Seven kinds of color)

  8. Drain valve: 1PC

  9. Intake valve: 8PCS

  10. Swim pump 3HP: 3PCS(one pump one jets)

  11. Hydro massage pump 2HP: 1PC

  12. Circulation pump 0.35HP: 1PC

  13. Ozonator: 1PC

  14. Heater 3KW: 1PC

  15. Cartridge Filter: 2PCS

  16. Control( balboa): 1PC

  17. Air Control Valves: 6 x Easy-Flo Air Venturi

  18. Insulation: 1PC

  19. Cabinet LED light: 4PCS


Type Specification(mm) Volume(m³) G.K. (kg)
Bathtub 5910×2300×1500 20 20 1300

20″ Container can be loaded: 1
40″HQ Container can be loaded: 2

Quality CE ETL KC ISO9001:2008


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