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Spa-8188 for Aquatic Fitness Hot Tub

SPA-8188 Swim Spas

Spa-8188 for Aquatic Fitness Hot Tub


The SPA-8188 is an amazing aquatic exercise swimming pool – a virtual underwater gym – that provides an amazing amount of hydrotherapy exercises. You can also use the swim spa to walk, jog, run, stretch, row and more! The SPA-8188 is 5900X2220X1360/1500mm ,can be installed as an in-ground continuous swimming pool, or similar to an above ground portable hot tub. This spa can even be installed inside, an existing swimming pool as an energy-efficient alternative。 This mammoth spa has the space and power to easily entertain an entire family with endless fitness and relaxation. The three swim jets, each with a dedicated 3HP pump, provide a consistent water current to swim against or engage in other aquatic exercises. The optional Aquatic rowing system allows for rowing and other resistance-based aquatic exercises. And the optional Swim tether can give you a more powerful exercise experience. The ‘lounge’ features seating for six, five seats and a full recliner, making it both a hydrotherapy spa and an aquatic fitness hot tub all in one.


Size: 5900x2220x1360/1500mm

Colour: White

Seating Capacity: 6 Person

Power Supply: 220~240V/50Hz or 380V/50Hz

Shell: Acrylic

Standard Features    


  1. Temperature: 15°C ~ 40°C

  2. Steel frame: 1

  3. Head rest: 3

  4. LED Air jets: 12(Seven kinds of color)

  5. Hydro therapy jets: Total Jets61

  6. 2.2″point-blank hydro therapy jets: 23pc 
    2.2″Rotary hydro therapy jets: 22pc 
    2.5″Rotary hydro therapy jets: 2pc 
    3.5″point-blank hydro therapy jets: 8pc 
    4.5″point-blank hydro therapy jets: 2pc 
    4.5″Rotary hydro therapy jets: 3pc 
    5″point-blank hydro therapy jets: 1pc

  7. LED light: 1(Seven kinds of color)

  8. Fiber optic light: 31PCS(Seven kinds of color)

  9. Drain valve: 1

  10. Intake valve: 3

  11. Hydro massage pump 3HP: 2

  12. Circulation pump 0.35HP: 1

  13. Air blower 0.7kW: 1

  14. Ozonator: 1

  15. Heater 3KW: 1

  16. Cartridge Filter: 1

  17. Control: 1

  18. Air Control Valves: 2 x Easy-Flo Air Venturi



  1. Temperature: 15°C ~ 35°C

  2. Steel frame: 1

  3. Head rest: 1

  4. LED Air jets: 8(Seven kinds of color)

  5. Air jets: 4

  6. Swim jets 9.5″: 3(one pump one jets)

  7. Hydro therapy jets: 
    2.2″point-blank hydro therapy jets: 2pc 
    2.5″Rotary hydro therapy jets: 5pc 
    3.5″point-blank hydro therapy jets: 2pc 
    3.5″Rotary hydro therapy jets: 2pc 
    4.5″point-blank hydro therapy jets:1pc 
    4.5″Rotary hydro therapy jets: 2pc 
    5″point-blank hydro therapy jets: 1pc

  8. LED light: 2(Seven kinds of color)

  9. Fiber optic light: 77PCS(Seven kinds of color)

  10. Drain valve: 1

  11. Intake valve: 7

  12. Swim pump 3HP: 3

  13. Hydro massage pump 2HP: 1

  14. Circulation pump 0.35HP: 1

  15. Ozonator: 1

  16. Heater 3KW: 1

  17. Cartridge Filter: 2

  18. Control: 1

  19. Air Control Valves:  4 x Easy-Flo Air Venturi

  20. Wooden cabinet: 1

  21. Insulation: 1

  22. Heavy duty spa cover: 1

  23. Wooden step: 1



  1. Swimtether: 1PC

  2. Aquatic rowing system: 1PC

  3. PVC cabinet: 1PC

  4. Bar+stool package: 1PC

  5. TV 15″(inward): 1PC

  6. Topside Music: 1PC

  7. DVD: 1PC




TypeSpecification(mm)Volume(m3)G.K. (kg)



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