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Spa-8098 With Sanitation System

SPA-8098 Swim Spas

Spa-8098 With Sanitation System


The J&J Swim Spa is ideal for those who plan to use the spa’s hydrotherapy benefits for health, fitness recovery or for family time. It’s large and deep swim area means it is ideal for therapeutic exercise; for the kids as their very own mini-pool; or for socialising and reconnecting with friends and family as you entertain and relax. Contoured seating and moulded head rests are standard in this model for extra comfort. Available with the exclusive Ultimate Water Management™ system – a salt water sanitation system that makes the Swim Spa suitable for people with allergies or irritable skin conditions. And designer filtration cabinet powered by the MaxiClean Filtration system. There are Maximum energy efficiency and Maximum water purity. The multi coloured aqua light is perfect for setting the mood on those special evenings. Sore and tired muscles will love the swirling kneading massage this jet provides. The extreme features 4 x 3hp pumps that will give even the best of swimmers a rigorous workout. With swim jests pumps, the Professional gives a thorough workout without overtaxing power supply. Finally the Plunge is ideal for those families who are focused on fun and relaxation.


Size: 4280×2220×1350/1450mm

Colour: White

Seating Capacity: 3~4 Person

Power Supply: 380V/50Hz or 220~240V/50Hz

Shell: Acrylic

Standard Features    


  1. temperature: 15°C ~ 42°C

  2. Steel frame: 1

  3. Head rest: 5

  4. Air jets: 12

  5. Water jets: Total Jets30 (Hydro therapy 28 /Water 2 )

  6. LED light: 1(Seven kinds of color)

  7. Intake valve: 1

  8. Hydro massage pump 2HP: 1

  9. Circulation pump 1HP: 1

  10. Heater 3KW: 1

  11. Ozonator: 1

  12. Cartridge Filter: 2

  13. Air blower 0.7kW: 1

  14. Control(included FM radio/ preset heater,and display and operation of water temperature/ Circulation cleaning/ Frozen preventing control/ Circumscribe the device of CD): 1

  15. Diverter Valves: 1 x 2″ Comfort Diverter Valves

  16. Air Control Valves: 3 x Easy-Flo Air Venturi




  1. Steel frame: 1

  2. Swim jets: 9

  3. LED light: 2(Seven kinds of color)

  4. Fiber optic light: 100PCS(Seven kinds of color)

  5. Drain valve: 2

  6. Intake valve: 3

  7. Swim pump 3HP: 3

  8. Air Control Valves: 3 x Easy-Flo Air Venturi

  9. Wooden cabinet: 1

  10. Insulation: 1

  11. Heavy duty spa cover: 1

  12. Wooden step: 1

  13. Options– PVC cabinet: 1PC

  14. Options– Bar+stool package: 1PC

  15. Options– TV 8″: 1PC

  16. Options–Topside Music: 1PC

  17. Options–DVD: 1PC



TypeSpecification(mm)Volume(m³)G.K. (kg)


20″ Container can be loaded: 1
40″HQ Container can be loaded: 2


Quality: CE ISO9001


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