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Pump Accessories



JNJSPAS always refuse to use any inferior accessories and electric appliances, that’s why are so confident to promise all of our customers and users that we will never stop moving forward on the way of improving the quality of every of our product. As we all know, pumps can be considered one of the most important components in a spa. Pumps are responsible for circulating the water within your spa which provides benefit for both users and the spa itself. The effect of enjoying a spa mainly depends on the total horsepower and quality of pumps a spa equipped with. Once the spa starts to work, its water pumps begin to operate at the same time. So, the quality of massage water pump is vital and directly influences the life span of your spa. To make you get the best enjoying effect as well as make sure your spa works as long as possible, JNJ equip all of our spas with the premium water pumps – LX brand water pump. LX is the best water pump supplier in China, with 36 year experience in pump manufacturing, providing solid, durable and customized massage water pumps to his client worldwide. With the support of LX pumps, JNJ spas will make you feel as though you have your own personal masseuse with a full body massage.

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