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Cover-01 Cover


Swim spa is a great product, offer us to swim at any day, even in extremely cold winter since it have a heavy insulated cover to keep the heated water at the temperature we want. In order to keep the warm water insulated well from cold weather, the swim spa cover need to be at 10-15cm thick. But thick swim spa cover is too heavy for one person to remove, specially it absorbing with water steam. So, people love to do endless swimming exercise in a swim spa, open or remove the swim spa cover is a hard job for every one. Today J&J swim spa presents an automatic cover system for any size swim spa, you just need to press on a remove control, the swim spa cover will move away automatically. The automatic cover is made with R10 insulation, just a floor, firm enough to support heavy. We can decorate it with grass floor, put a table with chairs on it, you may notice the swim spa while you do not open to enjoy swimming, it just a nice land in your garden.


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