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Colorful lights Accessories



A hot tub should not just offer hydro therapy, should be delivering as many as possible enjoyment for the user, like stereo music system, DVD & LCD TV movie entertainment and light-therapy experience. Especially the light-therapy experience is a new concept, new requirement of healthy to consumers. J&J catch this trend, design spas with colorful lighting bubble jets, diverter, air control valve, aromatherapy device, safety-check valve, waterfall, fiber optic lights. All these parts with gentle lighting, the lights are changing in different colors automatically.

Well-known facts, the changing colorful lighting can soothing overworked mind and loosening all the little knots of tension, most consumers may call light-therapy. While the bathers are sitting in spa, enjoying the hydrotherapy massage, listening music, all the multicolor lights will be lighting to each bather, the colors of lights will be changing slowly, that will make people more relax and smooth, will be benefit for health. This is light-therapy.

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