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Outdoor Spa

18 years` experiences make more than 100 models, fit for children, young man and the aged. Spas from J&J all controlled by TUV, ETL etc. Aristech acrylic from the US are used, you can choose Balboa or Gecko control system for your spa. Just imagine, When you go back home after work with fatigue, comfort and relax will come to you.This is life.


jnjspa02 knows what you want: a hot tub like Spa-527 that can satisfy your longing for a relaxed spa hydrotherapy with family and friends, convenient and easy to enjoy with the ones you care for. Inside you’ll find enough hydro massage seats for 5 persons, one full body therapy lounge provides you a deeply relaxing massage while the side-by-side seats let two of you enjoy the vigorous deep-muscle massage delivered by different hydrotherapy jets. Two soothing massage jets in each seats target the tension neck area, and five pillow headrests provide support for total neck relaxation. The design of beverage holder keeps drinks close at hand when you are enjoying the massage tub with your family and friends. For sheer fun, you must want to perform magic on such a simple whirlpool like Spa-527 into a multifunctional patio spa like Spa-528 with a luxury look, unparalleled hot tub hydrotherapy and home theater entertainment system. Besides the five therapy seats in Spa-528, you’ll also find a generous number of whirlpool hot tub jets: 61 in all, in nine different styles, providing you a variety of hydrotherapeutic hot tub massage enjoyment that means you and your family and friends in your Spa-528 can enjoy an almost unlimited variety of spa massages. This outdoor whirlpool bathtub Spa-528 also includes a foot doom with massaging jets, so everyone in the hydro spa can get a prostyle foot soothing massage to relieve the tired feet. A variety of therapeutic jets focus on pressure points from neck, shoulders, back, legs and feet, relieve your tired muscles, stress and tension after a busy day. Features like waterfall with seven colors LED lighting, multicolor fiber optic lights, air jets, stainless steel jets and five comfy headrests are standard on this Jacuzzi, and with the customized luxury options like Pop-up inward TV 15”, DVD, Pop-up speakers for home theater entertainment system. Listen to the music while you relax, watch the film while you’re with your family and friends. No need to choose between simple hydrotherapy whirlpool bath and luxurious versatile spa pool when you’re purchasing for a hot tub, choose jnjspa02 Magic Series and you’ll get it all.