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Infinity spa series 5-14 person

This new collection are special for luxurious, high class hotel, or an iconic republic landscape, They are not whirlpool spas advertising not for commercial use, just for private. This collection are professional commercial spa enough space gathering persons experiencing hydro-therapy simultaneously. You may have a question how to deal with the water while several persons are enjoying the spa at the same time. Is water going away? How to maintain a republic hydro spa? As a professional spa, designers have considered all the details and concerns. Around the top edge is a overflow groove, covered with magic grids. When bathers go into spa, water will overflow into groove, flow to compensation tanks which are under the groove. The more bathers are in the spa, the water will flow into the compensation tanks for storing. Once one bather, two bathers or all bathers go out of the spa, a smart automatic filling control system will start working automatically, refilling water from compensation tanks into spa, recover the same water level as before. If you have more queries on this spa, please contact our dealers for technical explanation, demonstration, or preparing construction of installation.