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Distinguished Series 7-8 person

Comfortably, the spacious spa can be seats 8 person. The ergonomic seats and there's also a lounger for those lazier moments. Powerful jets provide invigorating hydrotherapy to tense areas of the body. Plus, the exclusive dual-therapy system will bring you gentler and whole-body therapy enjoying. Combine the latest in technology and designing, offer you a truly durable spa. With features such as the digital color change waterfall, good quality controls and Waterway Jets, you’re sure to have an enjoyable, relaxing experience each and every time. All the 148 jets work together feel like that we are on the riptide area, but don’ t forget that it is only be activated by 5 set of pumps. There are 29 piece Rainbow fiber light will make the night cover with romantic ambience. Besides the feeling, it can be a better spa for relaxing and healthy.