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                                                                                         iTreadmill Pools

JNJ fi­tness underwater treadmill is having adjustable speed conveyor belt on bottom, can be adjusted the speed 1-8 kilometers per hour, It is not only the best exercise equipment for fi­tness and underwater rehabilitation, but also offer you with this kind of perfect experience.




                                                                                      iRecovery Spas

In order to let the disable people enjoy spa treatment, JNJ SPAS independently developed vertical barrier-free electric lifting columns, this device can deliver the disable people into the spas safely and conveniently. With the help of the paramedics, the disable people moved from the outside into the spas with a special wheelchair, the users no need to move twice and reduce the workload of paramedics.




                                                                                          Pro Swim Spa

JNJ SPAS would like to present our PRO series of swim spas in the market, to meet the demand of athletes and professional swimmer fully. The PRO swim spas is equipped with 2.8KW to 5.6KW axial-flow pump, with adjustable nine speeds. How powerful it is? From our testing, a 2.8KW PRO swim spas runs at 5-6 speeds is enough for an adult lady, and 6-7 speed is enough for an adult man, and the 8-9 speeds are leaving for challengers.



                                                                                           Classical Series

J&J develope the unique outdoor spa with walk-in bathtub area are more safer, healthier and hydromassage experience, which are great for elderly, disabled or mobility impaired people. The Celebrity series whirlpool spa made of acrylic, offer strong surface, can bear high heavy pressure and high temperature, and it’s high gloss, colorfast, can keep for a long time.