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Infrared is the natural radiation produced by all warm objects from the sun or a tiled stove to our own bodies. in 1800 to discover that the heat given off by the suns radiation increases at the red end of the visible spectrum. We cannot see infra-red radiation, but we can feel it, and there is no doubting its effects.

Radiation emitted by an infra-red source heats the skin and the underlying tissue layers very efficiently. This heat is then transmitted to the whole body through the circulatory system. Infra-red is a safe form of long-wave radiation and an excellent way to relax and increase your general sense of well-being without side effects.

Scientific studies have shown that a thirty minute session in an infrared sauna can result in the loss of toxins and stored fats in the body by up to six times the level a traditional sauna or exercise alone can achieve. Infrared is the only heat that pentrates deep enough into the tissues of the body to melt away cellulite and fats and the unique light wavelengths act to break down dangerous toxins and acids in the body. Compared to a session in a traditional sauna, you can perspire up to three times more, resulting in these fragmented impurities being safely eliminated by the body through perspiration. An added health benefit of using an infrared sauna is weight loss. Your body will use up to 600 calories in just 30 comfortable minutes. Infrared saunas have been used for generations to create a wellness factor for you and your body. Such is the growing demand for sauna therapy throughout World, there are now a number of different sauna applications to suit your own personal requirements.
For more detailed information about health benefits while using a Far Infrared Sauna, see below:

1.Improves Cardiovascular System. Whilst you calmly relax in the soothing warmth of a Far Infrared Sauna, human body is hard at work. A 30-minute sauna creates approximately the same amount of perspiration as a 10-kilometre run. As the body increases sweat production to cool itself, and the heart works harder to boost circulation, thus improving the cardiovascular system. (It should also be noted that increased circulation has been shown to relieve acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns, lesions, and cuts. Open wounds heal faster, reducing scarring. Peripheral blood vessels dilate to help heal muscles and soft tissue whilst delivering oxygen-rich blood to oxygen-depleted muscles.)
2. Strengthens Immune System. Human immune system is also boosted because, as the body temperature rises, the systems fight this "artificial fever."
3. Provides Important Detoxification. Far infrared helps detoxify human body by removing the accumulation of potentially carcinogenic heavy metals and chemicals.
4. Benefits the Skin. Profuse perspiration also deeply cleanses the skin, creating beautiful and improved tone, texture, and color.
5. Assists in Weight Control and Removing Cellulite. The Far Infrared Sauna is also exceptional for burning calories, controlling weight, and removing cellulite. A single sauna session will burn as many calories as rowing a boat for 30 minutes. Weight loss occurs because body fat becomes water soluble at 110oF and the body will remove it through sweat.
6. Provides Immense Relaxation. The most immediate and noticeable effect is tremendous relaxation. Relaxation alone can have a profound impact on human health. Read, listen to music, carry on a pleasant conversation with a friend or relative, or meditate. In the comfortable warmth, the stress will melt away leaving behind a feeling of total rejuvenation.

  FIR - 601
Size: 920x920x1900mm(WxDxH)

Infrared Sauna

The circumspect design make you feel more comfortable. Infrared Sauna is re-find product with the “light of the life”(far infrared ray),wonderful music(VCD/CD/MP3),and sweet smell environmentally-friendly woods to combine together. It is the head of the modern people leisure amusement medicare choose the good product. It will certainly become a vital part of your health and vitality life.
Have you ever thought that a Infrared Sauna is a special place in your home that provides you rest, comfort and health? A good Infrared sauna room will provide you and your family relieved in neck, back and lower back pain. As well, to get rid of both the physical and mental ailments, you need to have a great place at home such as Infrared sauna room. Here you can spend time with profit to your health, body and soul. All Infrared sauna room are a skilled and controlled system of caring for the body and organism with the use of warmth and positive energy.


  FIR - 602
Size: 1220x1020x1950mm(WxDxH)

Infrared Sauna
Infrared saunas give you an experience of Sauna. Infrared radiation is renowned for its improvement to the blood circulation, increasing the immune system and helping to relax tired muscles. It can also bring relief to various ailments.
Our bodies use this light energy and turn it into heat energy which causes our blood vessels and capillaries to dilate warming the body. Based on scientific research we have found that sweating allows the body to get rid of toxins within the body as well as increasing the metabolic rate. Using a Infrared sauna is like exercising regularly, increasing metabolic rate and cell growth but without the need for exercise. This is ideal if you are unable to do any strenuous activity.
All of us come to a time when we ask a question about How to live a long and happy life? Well, people who are keeping themselves fit physically are likely to live long and healthy life. In order to have such possibility we offer you series of wonderful Infrared sauna room . Infrared sauna room are one of the more natural methods for treating various health conditions, be it physiological or psychological, using the powers of the infrared energy and natural wood. Infrared sauna room offer a way to a healthy body and mind that one always desire to have.


  FIR - 603
Size: 1820x1120x1950mm(WxDxH)

Infrared Sauna
FIR-603 SAUNA is the latest in Infrared Sauna Technology. The 100% Red Cedar allows for the smell, feel and look of the classic look but the state of the art features will provide the latest in Infrared technology. The rectangular design and curved tempered glass allows heat to circulate and maintain a constant, comfortable temperature. The small compact size makes the FIR-603 perfect for any home gym or master bathroom. Claustrophobia is not an issue with this model, so you can relax, read a magazine and enjoy the surrounding environment. The seat is 6 inches width and large enough for you to lie down.
Features include a comfortable ergonomic backrest, double-paned glass door, CD player, 2 speakers, reading light, and drink stand.
The digital control box on your new sauna gives you precise control over the temperature at a range between 80 and 140 degrees. J&J saunas are powered with a 20 amp 120v electrical plug
Dimension of the FIR-603 is 182x122x195cm


  FIR - 605
Size: 1820x1420x1950mm(WxDxH)

Infrared Sauna
The FIR-605 SAUNA offers the latest in Infrared Sauna therapy, packaged into a traditional sauna design. It is perfect for families, home gyms or work spaces. It is big enough for multiple users, yet small enough to fit in any room. The latest in Carbon Fiber Infrared Heater technology will heat the unit quickly, safely and cost effectively. FIR-065 brings you back to your roots and returns you to nature, allowing your body to heal itself and build immunities to counteract the hustle and bustle of modern living.
Each sauna comes with a radio, CD player, and reading light, all controlled by a digital control box that can be accessed from inside and outside the saunas. We also manufacture an outdoor sauna that will survive the harshest weather conditions.
Dimension of the FIR-605 is 182x152x195cm


  FIR - 606
Size: 1310x1310x1950mm(WxDxH)

Infrared Sauna
What is Far Infrared Heat?
The infrared spectrum is divided into three segments by wavelength measured in microns:
• 0.076 to 1.5 microns is "near" infrared
• 1.5 to 5.6 microns is "middle" infrared
• 5.6 to 1000 microns is "far" infrared
The far infrared invisible band of light warms objects without warming the air between the source and the object. The best example of this is the sun. when you stand in the sun on a cold day. You will feel warmth from the sun even though the air temperature is cold. This warmth you feel is far infrared penetrating your body 4 to 9 centimeters. Infrared heat is, therefore, a completely safe energy that raises the temperature in objects without having to heat the air in between. Approximately 80% of the sunshine rays fall into the infrared range. (This should not be confused with ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the skin.) It is not visible to the human eye but can been seen with special cameras that translate the light into visible colors.
The J&J model FIR-606 is one of the Far Infrared Sauna that is equiped with far infrared heaters to emit the optimum effect far infrared waves in the range 5.5-15 micron range for human body cells. So Far Infared Sauna is a ideal health care equipment.


  FIR - 608
Size: 1520x1520x1950mm(WxDxH)

Infrared Sauna
A new healing modality is a Far Infrared Sauna Therapy. Briefly, Far Infrared is an invisible band of light that warms objects without warming the air between the source and the object and is able to penetrate the body from 1.5 to 3.5 inches, allowing beneficial heat without the extremely high temperatures of a traditional sauna. J&J Far Infrared Sauna model FIR-608 is not only offers the above benefits, it also provides CD music, radio entertainment. It’s designed in triangle shape with incredible space effiency. A 4 persons Far Infrared Sauna can put into a corner, and the footprint is only 131x131cm.


  FIR - 609
Size: 1300x1150x1900mm(WxDxH)

Infrared Sauna
We are delighted to introduce you to the world of the fir infrared sauna and its variations with the guarantee of exceptional build quality and with realistic pricing.
Weight loss is not easy! Instead of losing weight, the unsuitable exercise or diet could lead to fatness. This is worth thinking about. The FAR Infrared ray’s heat energy penetrate the body tissues to a depth of 4 to 5 CM quickly and efficiently, and instead of using energy to convert air to higher temperatures. This is one of the reason for report of wellbeing with the FIR Infrared sauna system. From a conventional sauna to a steam combination sauna to an Infrared or, a custom made sauna the choice is yours !

For a more spiritual experience, the new luxury style evokes a very special atmosphere. Let yourself be inspired by the meditative power of this high-quality infrared cabin with heating panels. It fits perfectly into the available space, so that you can integrate the whole surroundings and create your own sauna. Therefore, this model is your good choice.


  FIR - 610
Size: 1500x1200x1900mm(WxDxH)

Infrared Sauna
The FAR INFRARED SAUNA's clever corner design makes it a perfect fit for indoor use, offering a large interior to accommodate up to three people comfortably (or let one lucky person stretch all the way out!) The choice of Hemlock fir or Red Cedar finish makes it easy to match the style of your room's decor. Add a DVD LCD system and create an entertaining, healthy hideaway for you and your friends.


  FIR - 611
Size: 1220x900x1900mm(WxDxH)

The spruce paneling can be suit for inside and outside Insulated used. Infrared Sauna is a cleansing and relaxing experience which can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home - all you need is space for the sauna cabin and a convenient shower or bath. The cabin itself does not need a lot of room - just enough for the number of people who wished to use the sauna at any one time, and it is not necessary to lie down, all you need is sufficient room to sit comfortably. Far-infrared light waves are part of the sun's natural invisible light spectrum. Infrared waves can't be seen, however, they are responsible for the feeling of warmth we experience when we are exposed to sunlight. To get an everyday example of how far infrared heating works, picture yourself outside on a sunny day - when you're standing in a shadow, you feel cooler than when you're standing in direct sunlight. The air temperature around you hasn't really changed, but when you are in the sunlight you feel the heat from the infrared waves of the sun. Infrared should NOT be confused with potentially harmful UV rays, which can cause sun burns and have been linked to skin cancer. In fact, Infrared allows you to enjoy the warmth of the sun without the harmful affects of the sun's UV light spectrum. Sometimes, the infrared sauna should be put with hot tub together every place and some of public. You can enjoying any time.


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